The annual 24-hour hackathon for novice hackers, first time programmers, and people to try something new.

Hackathons are for designing, creating, and building awesome projects. HackEDbeta is a welcoming event that provides a great learning environment for students from any program of study or school (including our high school friends!) Whether or not you have programmed before does not matter! We want you here regardless your level of experience!

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Everyone is welcome to enter, students up to masters students are eligible to win prizes or students who have graduated within the past year.


Projects must be submitted to Devpost by Noon on Sunday, November 19th and projects must be publically visible on Github and linked to Devpost.


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Robin Verleun

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Caley Hearn
ATB Financial

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Rajeev Goonewardene

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Alex Noot

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Sarah Wilson

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Stefan Martynkiw

Judging Criteria

  • Creativeness
    How original is the project?
  • Learning
    How much did the participants have to learn in order to implement this hack?